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Class Recommendations & Requirements

At Dance Collective we offer tuition in ballet, jazz, musical theatre, conditioning, stretch and workshops for contemporary and hip hop.

In order to deliver the best possible quality of dance education, we believe it is essential to ensure students train in complementary class combinations.

We strongly recommend jazz and contemporary students to also consider learning ballet.  Ballet provides the base technical training for most dance disciplines, including jazz dance.  Dancers with ballet training have a strong foundation from which to build upon for all dance styles.

Combination training for juniors is provided for Musical Theatre.  Students will receive theatre dance AND vocal training in their class to ensure a comprehensive musical theatre education.  Each grade will receive half an hour with a vocal coach and half an hour with a theatre dance teacher in the one hour lesson.

Why do we recommend/provide these combinations?

From our experience, having taught students who have forged successful careers in professional dance and musical theatre, these fundamental complementary disciplines are best taught alongside one another.

This training is critical in enabling students to have the foundation skills required if they ever wish to pursue dance or musical theatre in the future.