Term Fees

View our syllabus, open and examination fees

Syllabus Classes (Ballet, Jazz, Theatre Dance) prices per Term

  • 45 minute class per week – $150 term fee
  • 1 hour class per week – $160 term fee
  • 2x 45 minute classes per week – $270 term fee
  • 2x 1 hour classes per week – $290 term fee

There are normally  9 – 11 weeks per term.

Private Lessons

$49 per hour

Open Classes (Contemporary, Hip Hop)

1 hour per week – $160 term fee


Yoga with Jessemey (45 mins) $15 cash per session

FREE Trial Class

Email us to trial a FREE class (Yoga excluded from this offer).

Mid-term Enrolments

Mid-term enrolments will be charged half of the term fee.  A private lesson/s will be required for your child if  joining mid-term.  This is to enable your child to catch up to the level of the class and to ensure current students are not disrupted in their learning when your child joins an existing class.

Additional fees

Examination fees – payable on term two invoice (see www.asiapacificdanceassociation.co.nz for examination pricing)

Show Levy – split between three and four invoices (includes payment for costume which is kept by the student after the performance).

Registration Fee – a one-off $15 registration/admin fee applies to all new families when they join Dance Collective.

Public holidays

All public holidays are observed and accounted for in our fee structure.